Custom PC Builds and Repairs

 Custom Builds

Hand built

All our systems are built by JD-Computers


Everyone has something they want their computer to achieve.  Your build will be made to that spec.

Personal Touch

Make a statement and have a machine that stands out. Internal lighting, gaming cases, visual fans.

Laptop Repairs, Hard drive Upgrades, keyboard and screen replacements

Laptop Repairs

Broken Screens

Looks worse than it is, we have had plenty of practice in swapping laptop screens

Slow Speeds

Multiple causes, can be diagnosed quite quickly


Fitting more RAM into a laptop or a quicker hard drive can make all the difference

Malware and Viruses

Can contribute to slow loading or prevent your computer from working at all.  We can fix that

Custom and Closed water-cooling loops installed

Water Cooling

Don't Panic!

Water cooling in computers has been around for years and is very safe.

Pre Made Coolers

Pre made water coolers work well and tend to fit in many cases.  Quieter than standard air cooling fans and proven to keep your components cooler

Custom Loops

Want a custom built loop made to cool your CPU and GPU?  No problem

PC Repair, Software bug finding, malware removal

Desktop Repairs

Failure to boot

Computer wont start up? The list is endless, better call us

Hardware Upgrades

Desktop machine upgrades is our bread and butter.  Installing faster processors, RAM and graphics cards is what we do!

Operating System Upgrades

Fancy the latest version of windows or want a fresh install of your current one? No problem

Error Messages

Keep getting that same error message come up? Can be a driver related issue or a malware issue.